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Benefits of One-On-One Basketball Training

Well-structured one-on-one basketball training offers many benefits for a player. New athletes, as well as professionals looking for personal training options, could consider small group or one-on-one training to develop their skills. While small groups have their benefits, one-to-one training has some specific advantages.

What are the benefits of one on one basketball training?

More Individualized Attention

Basketball is a team sport; however, a more personalized training experience will be quite beneficial to your development as a player. Every player is different. Any good coach or trainer knows no two players have the same body strength and power. While one player may be able to lift more weight during strength training, another may have a faster twitch muscle response or demonstrate more endurance. Each person has specific weaknesses they need to work on and strengths to develop further. Personalized one-on-one basketball training is more likely to help you get better and improve your skills at a faster rate. The coach can take into consideration your unique skill sets, athletic abilities, and personal attributes player and focus entirely on your development needs at a pace that suits you.

Quality and Quantity of Repetitions

As earlier explained, one of the main benefits of one-on-one basketball training is the fact that a player gets more repetitions than he/she would have had in the case of a group game or training. This is both in terms of the quantity and quality of repetitions. Within a short time frame, one-on-one training allows a player to participate fully in the training with a lot of repetition within the timeframe of the training. With group training, a player will only get little playing time, and the purpose of the drill is unlikely to be achieved this way.

Think about it this way, one of the ways to get better as a basketball player is to get the most repetitions during your game. In a 5-on-5 training game where you have four other players on your team, the number of repetitions you get will be quite limited. It is different for 1-on-1 training. In this case, you are guaranteed to get more repetitions during a training session. In a 40-minutes one-on-one game, you should get as much as 30 to 40 repetitions which is a lot more than what you would get in a group game.


One-on-one insights from the coach

The coach or trainer will get better or different insights about a player’s performance and skills in one-on-one basketball training than during small group training. Since there are fewer players to watch at a time, training will be better monitored, and the performance of the player can be better evaluated to the coach can suggest areas of possible improvements.

Benefits of One-On-One Basketball Training

Limitations of one on one basketball training

There are definite benefits in one-on-one basketball training, it also has some limitations. Your performance may be different and the quality of your play may change in a small group setting. A small group setting allows for practice, and observation, of your team work, while one-on-one training naturally does not. So it may be useful to access both types of training if you can. While a player is guaranteed to get more repetitions in a one-on-one game, it is sometimes lacking in the real action quality of small group training or an actual game.


For instance, in a one-on-one game, a player may spend up to 15 seconds or more holding possession or dribbling on the spot with a one on one game without making a move. Do this in a full five-on-five game, and you will slow down the offense. Also, considering the fact that a 1-on-1 one game is usually set up as a half-court training, the experience in a full-court game will be different.



One-on-one basketball training offers the opportunity to work on your personal skill set and mind set with a professional focused entirely on your needs, your goals and your pace of development. It is a very useful addition to regular team-based training, and can be combined with small group training to round out your on-court abilities.


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