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Our group basketball training is perfect for kids aged 9 and up. Our experienced coaches will help them develop their skills, while they have fun and make new friends.

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We Only Coach in Small Groups

At Major Hoops, we know that small group training is one of the best ways to train. Not only does it allow players to focus on their individual skills, but also learn the importance of teamwork.

With group coaching at Major Hoops, our groups are limited to 10 players who are coached by 3 coaches! This means each player gets more feedback from the coaches to help them improve their game.

We find out students find group training to be more fun than working out individually or in a large group, which may help them stay motivated and make more friends.

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See what my current clients are saying!

Jeremy is a great trainer across all skill levels. He is engaging and patient with his clients. His expertise and knowledge shine through in every session. He’s highly motivating and extremely dedicated to drawing out the best from each individual he works with. His greatest attribute is that he ends up becoming a true friend and mentor.
Mike Diaz
If you’re looking for a trainer who knows how to get the job done. Jeremy is your guy!!! My son loves him, best thing about Coach Jeremy is that he relates to each person in their own way!
Douglas Omar
I’ve only gotten better and better training with Coach Jeremy. He knows what he’s doing, is extremely fun to work with, and is constantly searching for new, more efficient ways to help me on getting better at basketball. If you’re willing to put in the work, Coach Jeremy will do the rest and is one of the best trainers around!! Training with Coach Jeremy is definitely where you need to be if you want to truly get your game right. Quickness, shooting, dribbling, defense – it’s all in there!
Kylie Ray
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