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Major Details – Episode 1: Between Cross

This episode of Major Details is dedicated to the ‘Between Cross’. We’ve been getting heaps of questions about how to do a between cross or crossover.

To succeed in basketball, you have to be dedicated and train whenever you can.  At Major Hoops 3, we have the most dedicated basketball coaches and trainers you could find anywhere. So together, Coach Paige Fecske and Coach Jeremy Major are creating weekly instructional video segments so that you or your kids can train with us at home – free basketball training! Remember, that when things get tough – we can’t stop training and developing skills!

This episode of Major Details is dedicated to the ‘Between Cross’.  We’ve been getting heaps of questions about how to do a between cross or crossover.  The most important step in the between cross is not to step in front when you go to do the cross.  Instead, step to the side! When we step in front, you close the gap between the defender and yourself. Stepping in front makes it easy for the defending player to guard us and we don’t want that! When you step to the side, it shifts the defender.  This makes it easier for you to get around the defence of the other team.

It is also important not to lunge.  You want to sit down in your stance. You bend the leg on the side that you are crossing too and keep your other leg almost straight. Then you cross over between your knee and your ankle. Next you want to keep your chin on top of the crossover and let your eyes follow your chin.

Once you complete the first cross, quickly drive your leg in the opposite direction and cross the ball back.

So to summarise, there are seven (7) Major Details to the perfect the ‘Between Cross’:

  1. Step out to the side and only slightly in front
  2. Sit down in your stance
  3. Bend the knee you’re crossing to and get low
  4. Crossover between the knee and the ankle
  5. Keep your chin over the top of the crossover
  6. Your eyes follow your chin
  7. Quickly drive your leg through in the opposite direction and cross back in front of your body

So know you know how to do a between cross. Its just up to you to keep practicing and keeping up with your basketball training!

If you want to book in and come and train in person with us, head over to our contact page. We look forward to training with you in the future! Until then, let’s get into this first episode of Major Details!


Coach Jeremy

What is good everybody? Welcome to Major Details.

Coach Paige and I thought about doing this one a week or so ago. We’re looking forward, man, to breaking things down, breaking things down. A lot of players that we have, right, have been asking us “how can I improve my in and out, my between-cross, my drags?”, a bunch of different things in that nature, man.

So today, today, you’re going to introduce the between-cross. How do have an effective between-cross dribble. Okay.

I’ll go ahead and have Coach Paige here demonstrate with this side, she’s been been trained by me, so she knows what to do. Okay. For our, between-cross to be effective first and foremost, we want to make sure we do not step in front, on our between-cross, right? For an example. Alrighty.

We want to make sure we step to the side, alrighty? When we step in front, we have now closed the gap between your defender and yourself. Right? When we do that now, the defenders using the guards, right?

Well, what you want to do with your between-cross, ya’ll – we want to make sure that we step aside. Now when we get to the side we want to shift our defender, right? The name of the game is to shift our defender.

So first detail a step out to the side and slightly in front.

Now, we also want to make sure we don’t lunge. Right?

We want to make sure we’re sitting down in our stance, okay. We get here, right? We’re nice and big. That front leg should be big. Okay. We’re sitting in that chair. All right. From there, we want to make sure our crossover is between our knee and our ankle. Okay. Nice and low. Right? Between our knee and our ankle right.

Now, not saying all your crossovers have to be that way. You have a push-cross and a variety of other ones, right. But the one we’re specifically talking about is our between-cross. So we want to make sure we keep that low. You also wanna make sure we keep our chin on top of our crossover. All right. So if you guys see Coach Paige, she’s keeping her chin on top of her crossover for her between-cross, alright.

As her chins on the cross, obviously her eyes are gonna follow.

One more time please Coach Paige. Boom. Alrighty. Right then and there.

Now for our crossover to also be effective at the end, your ability from going here, at that between-cross, and quickly getting that leg to drive through. Okay. That’s how you quickly create that separation and shift your defense. Alrighty.

So, full speed. We’ll have Coach Paige give us a few reps here. Alrighty.

Think about the details that we talked about. All right.

First and foremost, we step out to the side. Nice, slow, quick crossover. Okay.

Her chin is on top of that crossover, Alrighty her chin is on top, that ball is crossing between her knee and her ankle. Okay.

And if you watch how that leg is coming through, specifically that right leg, the quicker that right leg can come through the quicker you’ll shift. Alrighty. Good job, y’all!


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