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Major Details – Episode 2: In and Out Dribble Series | Major Hoops

Episode 2 of our Major Details breakdown series puts emphasis on our In and Out dribble and gives us a few options of how to work it into our game.

Welcome to Episode 2 of our Major Details series and thanks for joining us and being determined to spend another day getting better! Episode 2 of our Major Details puts focuses on the ‘In and Out’ dribble and, and gives us a few options of how to work it into our game. I’ve been getting asked heaps by people “Coach, how do I do an In and Out?” You’re in luck, Coach Fecske and I will walk you through the steps to perfect your In and Out dribble but be sure to pay attention to the Major Details and get them right!

The aim of the In and Out is deception of the defense.  It looks like a simple skill to perfect but in order to deceive your opponent, your In and Out needs to be convincing.

There are three (3) steps to a good In and Out:

  1. Get your fingertips engaged
  2. Footwork follows the direction of your dribble
  3. Eyes follow the direction of your dribble

Now that you have had a go at that, we’re going to combine it with the skills you learnt in Episode 1 – the cross. For the In and Out Cross, there are seven (7) Major Details.

  1. Get your fingertips engaged
  2. Footwork follows the direction of your dribble
  3. Eyes follow the crossover
  4. Step out to the side
  5. Crossover in front
  6. Keep your chin over the crossover
  7. Drive your opposite leg through

You might want to switch it up a bit with an In and Out Between!

  1. Do the In and Out but drag the ball tight towards your pocket
  2. As you step, rip the ball between your legs
  3. Keep the ball in your pocket on the opposite side to avoid the defense getting the ball

And that is the In and Out dribble series. I hope you enjoyed that free basketball training and coaching session. Always remember that if you want to book in and come and train in person with us, head over to our contact page. We look forward to training with you in the future!

Have a great day and let’s keep improving!

Coach Jeremy

What is good? What is good, y’all? Welcome to Major Details, man.

We’re back at it today. We have our In and Out dribble for y’all, man, our In and Out dribble. Okay, good.

Y’all been asking me, man, Coach, how can I improve my In and Out? Well, today is the day. So check us out.

First step, alrighty, for our In and Out. We have to make sure our fingertips are engaged, okay. We’ve got to make sure they’re engaged. So we get to our In and Out. Okay. We want to make sure we engage those fingertips, so we can go ahead and go In and Out with that dribble as you see Coach Paige doing. Okay.

Now the next part, for our In and Out, Okay. If I’m going to go In and Out to my left, my foot work has to follow. So, check out Coach Paige as she goes In and Out, and her left foot is going to go ahead and step out with them, boom. Well, exactly. Okay.

Now, keep moving it forward right now. What we want to do on our In and Out, we even want to use our eyes now. It is important for us to use our eyes, okay, in this game, it’s part of us being deceptive. So when we put it together, right, our In and Out is going to be nice and crisp. Okay, nice. Okay.

So let’s do a few reps with Coach Paige. I’ll go after you.

Let’s go ahead and get it in. Let’s get it In and Out. Smooth. Make sure your eyes look with that In and Out. Nice. One more time. Good In and Out. Smooth. Alrighty. Now we’ll go and add a nice combination to come with that. Okay. So now we’re going to go adding in that In and Out.

We’ll go with that cross first, with it first. All righty.

So keep in mind. All right. We want to make sure we use our fingertips. You look with that In and Out. And now we’re going to also look with that cross. Okay. If you can remember from what our first segment was, right? Our between cross series. We want to make sure on that cross, we step out to the side. Okay. Boom. And we cross it right in front. Alrighty. So we’re going to go In and Out cross. When we get to that cross, you also want to keep our chin on top of it, cross it right over. Exactly. Let’s give them a few reps, Coach Paige. That’s good. Hey, here we go. In and Out. Good job.

Bring that leg through, bring that leg through, if you really want to separate, In and Out, cross. Good job. Good job. Clean, clean, clean. Last one for us. Y’all, last one. Okay. Check it out. We’re going to go with an In and Out between, alright? So now same concept, we’ll have our In and Out. Now we go, we’ll have that ball in our pocket. So really go right back in between for that and okay. If you check out Coach Paige’s clean, okay. As you guys see she has that ball In and Out and she pockets it, in that right pocket before she goes between. Alrighty. If the balls out, right, it’s going to be in front of our defender, it’s going to be hard for us to control. Okay. So one more time In and Out boom. Nice. Okay. Coach Paige is doing a really good job at keeping her chin on top and let’s move, let’s give them a few more reps, Coach Paige. Nice. Here we go, In and Out, boom, between, right into it. Oh, good, nice quick steps, good. That was good. In and Out, pop between, good, last one, good job, here we go, In and Out, pop, ‘tween.

And that is our In and Out. Seriously, y’all man, good work and peace.


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