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Major Details – Episode 3: Drag Series

With our third Major Details episode we’re focusing on our Drag Series. Aggressive drags help us to create space, create better driving angles, use the defenders momentum against them, gives you time to read and react, and creates deception.

With our third Major Details episode we’re focusing on our Drag Series.

When we’re trying to introduce a drag into our skill set, it is important to understand what a drag is used for. Possibly the most important element of a drag is aggression. You don’t want it to be too slow, or quick, but aggression is needed. So, aggressive drags are crucial in your game, they help you:

  • create space
  • give better driving angles
  • use the defenders momentum against them
  • give you time to read and react
  • deceive the defense

When I think about doin a great drag, there are seven (7) Major Details that I keep in mind. If you want to excell in your game, specifically with your drags, follow my Major Details:

  1. Keep your back leg planted
  2. Bend your back leg
  3. Lean forward with your shoulders
  4. Keep your fingertips engaged
  5. Push up with your front foot
  6. Keep drag aggressive to create chances for shots
  7. Have your eyes up at the rim

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Coach Jeremy

What is up, y’all welcome to Major Details episode three, man.

Today we are going to focus on our drag series today, man, our drag series. So right. To give you guys an example, right? I’m sure ya’ll, you guys are watching the last dance like Michael Jordan’s last one of his most …right…known game-winning buzzer beaters. This is the one he did, right, on Brian Russell. When he came down and hit him with that nice drag, right into that pull up. Some say he pushed off whatever the case may be. The move was a good move. So alrighty. Working on our drag today.

So first step, alrighty, for our drags, you always want to make sure that we have a foot planted, for our drag to be effective. If we don’t have a foot planted, the drag is not going to be effective. Okay. Now there’s a variety of different tracks that we could choose from.

Okay. We have a behind the leg drag. We have a front drag. Okay. You also have a behind the back drag. Okay. More at an elite level, little advanced, right? You also have your inverted drags. Okay. You can go inverted behind, right, an inverted between and you can also just come and inverted cross. Alrighty.

So, we’ve got a few different ones that we could choose from. I’m going to go ahead and show you some combinations out of these drags that are really good for you to create space and create better driving angles, okay?

So, first one, we’ll go ahead and do our behind the leg drag. Okay. So, like I said, you want to make sure, to keep that back leg planted. Okay. Now, majority of the time, typically, if you’re already on the move, you’re going to go with a nice turn pound, through and get into your drag. If you’re already moving and somebody is on the side, it’s going to be one of those things where you’ll be able to build the timing and you can use that the person’s body and you can feel where to get that drag in exactly.

Okay, so, first one we’ll do, we’ll go ahead and do a behind the leg drag. I’ll show you guys a few reps of how that’d look, alrighty. When we get to this drag, we want to make sure our back leg is also bent. Okay. If we try to do this drag and our leg, as you see, okay, is straight, we’re going to be straight up. Okay. We want to make sure this thing is bent. Our shoulders are going forward. Obviously, we’re on balance. Okay. Well we want to make sure our momentum is going forward and we got a nice little weight back and we can bring it right back to this drag. Okay. Alrighty.

So check us out. We’ll go right hand for about two, two reps, and then we’re gonna go left hand for about two reps. So okay, here we go. Here we go. Behind the leg drag. Here we go. Right. Nice. Nice. Nice. Here we go, again. Boom, drag. Now you guys notice, okay, on that drag as we go, right, that ball is kind of, right, we’re kind of pocketing it a little bit, right? When we bring it in. We gotta make sure our fingertips are engaged. Just like I told you guys in the first two episodes. Fingertips have got to always be engaged. Okay, alright. Left hand. Let’s get a few of these ones in. Behind the leg. Here we go, hey! Drag. Nice, nice, nice. Here we go, boom, plant that back leg. One more time. Plant that back leg, boom, drag. Now. Okay. I suggest for you guys on these drags, you want to keep them aggressive.

You want to keep them aggressive, right? If they’re slow, that’s what you’re going to get. Right? If it’s not aggressive enough, it’s gonna allow your guy time to recover. And on top of that, he’s probably not going to leave and go to separation. So when your drag is aggressive, it’s quick and it’s sharp and allows you to get right into your position. So you either shoot, or you shoot, or I can go ahead and create some different angles. Okay. Alrighty.

So what we’re going to do next, we’re going to go and put a few combinations together. Alrighty. For our first one, I’m going to go with a drag behind the leg and to a cross-between pull up, and then I’m going to do a front drag and so a different combination. And then I’m doing a behind the back drag. And so a different combination just to give you guys all three to choose from.

Alright, behind the leg drag, here we go. Behind the leg, cross-between pull up. Sweet, another one of those.

First and foremost, where we drag to, we want to make sure we get our eyes up on the rig, right? Because if we create our space, we already have a nice little pull up. So, make sure our eyes are on the rim when it gets to the drag. Here we go. Next one, next one, same rep right. Behind the leg cross-between. Boom, go pull, go pull. Here we go.

Now I’m going to give you guys a front drag. Again, our front drag. Boom.

And so our next I’m going to give you a front drag and then I’m going to go ahead and I give you Major Details in episode two, in and out cross, for them. Alrighty. Here we go. Here we go. Front drag. Go up. Pull. Here we go. Notice my eyes are following that in-and-out cross. Here we go again. Front drag, pull it right up.

Now I’m going to give you guys the behind the back drag. Behind the back drag from there, we’re going to get into a nice hip switch and get nice to a pull up. Alrighty. Here we go. Here we go. Behind the back drag. Oh, back drag here we go. Oh, and switch. Oh, alright, behind the back. Okay, switch. Good.

Good job y’all. Good work. Appreciate you guys tapping into Major Details, episode three. Peace, good job ya’ll.


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