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Major Details – Episode 4: Bound Series

Our fourth episode of Major Details breaks down our Bound Series! It’s essential that we control our space and our pace when attempting to shift our defender and or when reading our options. Tap in with this Bound Series as it will help us all get shifty and make better decisions off the dribble!

In this fourth Major Details episode we’re focusing on our Bound Series.

I always use a bound in whenever I play.  The bound is certainly a fundamental of basketball skills and is a great tool in your belt against the defense. The bound is useful to:

  • create space
  • very versatile
  • can be used as much as you like
  • give you time to read the court
  • plan ahead
  • deceive the defense

Off the top of my head, there are four main bounds that I use all the time:

  1. cross bound
  2. between bound
  3. behind bound
  4. turn pound bound

I hope you enjoy this free basketball training session and that you learn something to use in your next game. As always, if you want to book in and come and train with me, head over to the contact page. I hope you enjoyed this fourth episode of Major Details!


Coach Jeremy

Olivia: Major Details, episode four, take one

Jeremy: What’s going on, everybody.

Welcome to the Major Details episode four. Today, we are going to work on our bound series. Our major detail for today is our bound. Okay. Our bound is important for us creating some space, allowing us to read. Okay.

Now footwork on our bound, right? It’s a very common move that we all do. Right. I want to make sure my… I shuffle my feet on my bound. Okay. I don’t want to cross my, you know, my bound.

I want to make sure I shuffle so I can read my defender and make whatever necessary reason I can go ahead and say… okay, now there’s a variety of different bounds that you can choose from. Alrighty. You add your cross bound. You have your between bound, your behind bound, right? As well as your turn, pound, bound. Bam. Okay. And you obviously, you can always add a little extra to those bounds if you want to.

Okay. So good reasons to use a bound as well, right? It’s also using time to survey the court as well as while your dribbling the ball. Right. You’re just still sitting here. It’s kind of tough to survey. So when I can bound and take my time to read. Somebody might be open up top. I’m also allowing my stuff to be deceptive, to get down. He’ll pass my defender or whatever the case may be. Okay. Alrighty.

So I’ll go ahead and start with the cross bound. I’m going to get into a cross bound… into a couple of different combinations. Okay.

We’ll go with the cross bound first. Cross bound into a nice between cross from my jump shot. Now notice. Okay. As you see each episode, we’re going to make sure we touched on things that we’ve done on previous episodes. Right? So for my, between cross, I still want to make sure I keep my chin on top.

Keep that ball between our knee and our ankle. One more time and then go… cross bound… between cross… pull up. Okay. I’ll go ahead and throw that between… between bound in there… between cross… pull up. Alrighty.

Also, can add that behind bound… between cross… pull up. Okay. The thing about the bound is, you guys do it as much as you want, right? You might go, bound, bound, bound and then make your read. Okay. That’s the beauty of having the options of the bound, okay.

I want to go ahead and get into a bound, right into a quick hip switch until a quick move or pull up. Alright, allowing us to be the deceptive and that’s using our eyes, so check me out. I am ready to go, cross bound, hip switch to a between, pull, right? The bound allows us to also change our gears, allowing us to go from slow to quick, back to slow or whatever the case may be. Here we go. One more, bound, hip switch, between, pull. Alrighty, going across to the other side. There we go, bound, hip switch, pop, pull, alright.

And there you guys go ‘bound series’.  Appreciate y’all for tuning in… peace.


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