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Major Details – Episode 5: Punch Dribble Series

On this episode I am accompanied by my young protege, Olivia Bird, as we breakdown our punch dribble. Our punch dribble is great for using our defender’s momentum against them to create space and give ourselves options to work out of.

Welcome to Episode Five (5) of Major Details. Today, we’re learning how to do a punch dribble.

I am accompanied today by my young protege, Olivia Bird, who is an extremely talented player.

A punch dribble is a great way to use a defender’s momentum against them. It allows you to create space and gives us options to work out of.

I hope you had a good time practicing this new basketball skill in our free coaching session. Remember to keep on practicing and you’ll be able to apply the skills you learn with me in your next game.

Some of these skills are a bit tricky, so if you want to book in and come and train with me, head over to the contact page. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Major Details!

Let’s keep grindin’!

Coach Jeremy

What is up, y’all. Welcome to Major Details episode five. Man, this is crazy. We are gone. We are going, I appreciate y’all for tapping in with this. Today, we are focusing on our punch dribble. Okay. Our punch dribble, very effective. When done correctly, you can use the momentum of your defender to your advantage, to trade space off this move. Okay.

Let’s talk about the details of this, uh, this punch dribble. Okay. Most importantly, we need to make sure on our punch dribble that we keep our back foot planted, just like our drag. Okay. Our drags, our punch dribbles, those are all under our speed stops category. Okay. So for example, right, if I’m going, I’m going, I’m going… if I punch and my foot comes up, alrighty, my defender, which is right in front of me… we’re going to be right here next to each other… if I don’t plant my back foot, right.

The goal is, is to get enough for me to go in, to punch and come back to that foot that’s planted, compared to, if I go and I punch and I come up to that foot, our defender and I are right here next to each other. There’s no separation. There’s no space created. Okay.

So as we go, there’s a variety of different punches that you could choose from. Alrighty. There’s a variety of different ways you can get into your punch dribble. Okay.

I’m going to have my young little friend, now, Olivia, come and help us out. I’ll go ahead and it on first now. You go on ahead and get behind me. We’ll go one after another. Alrighty. We’re going to go right hand first and then we go on in and flip them up. Alrighty. Here we go. Let’s get started. Here we go… bound… between cross… punch… shot. Here we go… punch… Yeah. Make sure that foot stays down, let’s get it. Bound… In N Out… punch… ‘tween… now let’s get back to it. Let’s go, last one… punch… punch… ‘tween… side… last one, oh, okay, okay. That’s what I am talking about, good job, good job, good work y’all. That is episode five for y’all. I appreciate y’all tuning in and… peace.


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