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Major Details – Episode 6: Dribble Jab

Episode Six of Major Details features the dribble jab! A dribble jab is perfect for creating space and expanding on the work you’ve done on previous skills in our episodes, like the in and out, drags, punch dribble and so on!

Welcome to Episode Six (6) of Major Details. Today, we’re learning how to do a dribble jab, which is a great one-on-one offensive strategy.

A dribble jab is a great way to create space using the least amount of dribbles. When you do a dribble jab it is important to stay low and send your leading foot out fast. Then you bring it back just as quick. That is what gives you space! It is a great skill for combinations like:

  • dribble jab, behind the leg drag, in and out, shot
  • dribble jab, double cross, tween cross, pull up
  • dribble jab, cross, drag, cross drag, pull

I hope you had a good time practicing this new basketball skill in our free coaching session. Remember to keep on practicing and you’ll be able to apply the skills you learn with me in your next game.

Some of these skills are a bit tricky, so if you want to book in and come and train with me, head over to the contact page. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Major Details!

Let’s keep grindin’!

Coach Jeremy


What is good, y’all. Welcome to Major Details, episode six.

Man, I missed y’all. I hope everybody’s doing good. Okay. Today we’ll be focused on our dribble jab. Okay. Our dribble jab. Now, for example, what that would look like, okay. You got a normal jab right here. Okay.

Today we’re working on dribble jabs and what that’ll look like is.. boom. Right? Nice little dribble jab in there. Now, the type of dribble that we’re doing is, turn, pound, dribble with this.

As you guys see, I’m staying low. Okay. I’m in a position where I’m very effective. Okay. I’m explosive in this position and I want this dribble jab to be effective. By really sending that foot out and making sure there’s trouble. It’s nice and aggressive and short. Okay. Now there’s a variety of different things and options that we can use out of this dribble jab, we can go ahead and get right into it (goodness gracious) from our dribble jab. We can go ahead and get into a shot if we want to create some space of of that one. We can also get right back and pull up off of of that one. Right. I can also dribble jab, put it through, cross and get to my punch if I want to, right. The dribble jab is a great way to create space with the least amount of dribbles and as well as being very efficient, if done correctly.

All right, let’s go ahead and go through a full few examples. What that may look like. Alrighty, here we go. Check this out. Boom!

And that, right there, is episode six, y’all. Dribble Jab. Appreciate y’all rocking with us and – peace.


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