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Major Details – Episode 7: Post Entries

Post entries are very important when getting the ball in to the near, mid or far post. This episode will cover several options when getting the ball into that area.

Welcome to Episode Seven (7) of Major Details. Our focus today is ‘post entries’.

Post entries are very important when getting the ball in to the near, mid or far post. This episode will cover several options when getting the ball into that area:

  • fake high and pass low
  • fake low and pass high
  • pass fake and pass through opposing lane
  • draw the defender and pivot to the opposite lane
  • ball fake away from the target

This free episode is just a taste of what you’ll learn by training with me and the team at Major Hoops 3. If you want to book in and come and train with me, head over to the contact page. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Major Details!


Coach Jeremy

What is up everybody? Welcome to Major Details, episode seven. We are so happy to be back today, Liv. How are you doing? Good. You all good? It’s a little hot out here, y’all, but we are making it happen. Um, our focus today, all right, our post entries. All righty. These are very, very important for anybody that dribbles the ball, right?

In today’s game, the game is positioned this right? So I gotta be able to. Get the ball into the post, whether it’s low post, whether it’s the high post, or whether it’s the mid post, right? I got to make sure I can be able to get it in now. Right? This is obviously easier said than done, right? If you have a good defender on you, somebody that’s very active, right?

You may have to use ball fake to get the ball, I mean, get the ball in the post, right? For, so example. For example, right? I may have to stay high and go low to get the ball on the post, right? If I’m on the dribble, okay, I may have to come down and Okay. Flow and get with a right now. Right, right, right. Now pass on time on target, right, right to my big.

Now, usually, okay, when you’re being guarded, right, a defender may have their hands here. Right, and their hands are high. Right Lift are fake low, and it’s a right now pass, right by my ear, right? We wanna make sure that ball has a little less air in it to make sure we get, try it again. So my hands are high.

Be fake low and it’s right by the ears as you can. Other option, right? The defender comes down, they come, they’re tracing the ball. Maybe I got a fake high to get them in the air and I make sure it’s a nice balance patch. Let’s go quick on this one, man. I close out balls here. I’m low. Boom. And it’s light by your ear.

Nice, nice. Nice. Now another option is, okay, another option is maybe I get my defender way all the way on track and I go with a pass F to one of my perimeter guys, right? So I can go ahead and pass fate that might get that defender to jump, and I’ve been able to go ahead and create a different passing lane.

All right. Another option for us. Okay. I may have to go ahead and dribble the ball away and work on my pivot, so then may over here, she might pivot. Not too far live. Not too far. Right. Wanted to make sure we get here for our pivot. I go ahead and I can go ahead and get it right back in. So let’s go right here li Okay.

All righty. Go ahead and get and move over there and it bounce fast. Right there, right there, right there. Let’s go one more time with Jay. Let’s make sure we get there. Okay. Let’s fake it. Quick spin for our packages. Alrighty, here we go. Good, good. Fake quick spin. There we go. There we go. There we go. Now we’re gonna have coach shock.

Gabe, change his entry level. Okay, we’re gonna have coach shock go to our high scores. All righty. This is all really good. Write a lot of teams. A lot of coach like to go high low, right? So with that being said, if I’m on the wing or if I’m at the top, I gotta make sure. I go ahead and get a ball fake or a pass fake away from my, my Target so I can free up a better passing name.

Okay, so for example, we have Coach shot at the top. Now let’s have you dribble it over there. So we’ll have you over here. We’ll go ahead and dribble over to the wing. Okay, Liv? No, she wants to kick coach shot, right? She might, first and foremost, she might fall fake to the corner and then she might have a pass right here to coach Shop.

Okay? Now where Coach Sha is, he’s. Probably gonna be a bigger person, so we probably want to use a bounce path, right? Bounce path to will probably be best. Or coach shower. Give us a target. Since he’s a bigger body, we’re only, he can reach it at a higher point. Okay, so let’s try that again. All righty, let’s go ahead and trouble it over.

Okay. Same details that we had in our low post entry. Made my trouble over. Okay. She beat my hands are high. Okay. She might fake it low. Right for me to come up. And then it might be a high pass to code shot. Right. So as you come down, they try that one the gym lift. Good. Good. Stay pay. Let’s roll. Cool. Good.

Nice, nice, nice. Okay, let’s go again. Coach shall give you a target that you want you to hit. There we go. Here you go. Here we go. Go. Good. Good. Nice to smooth. Nice to smooth. Good job. Good job. Good job. Good job. Appreciate y’all being with us. Glad you guys tuned in. Peace y’all. Good job, episode seven. Woo.

Get your details. Woo.


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