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Major Details – Episode 8: Body Hesitation

We're working on body hesitation! This move is smart because it gets your defender up off the ground for long enough to give you time to get towards the basket.

Welcome to Episode Eight (8) of Major Details. Today we are working on body hesitation.

Body hesitation can help you make smarter decisions on the court by allowing you to think before taking action. Rather than rushing into a move and potentially throwing off your team’s strategy, you can pause and assess the situation before making a decision. This can give you the upper hand when it comes to outmaneuvering your opponents.

Additionally, body hesitation allows you to make more precise shots and passes. By slowing down your movement just enough to adjust your shooting form or aim for a specific spot, you can increase your accuracy and make sure each shot counts. This makes body hesitation an invaluable technique when it comes to executing successful plays on the court.

In summary, body hesitation is a crucial basketball skill that helps players think strategically, adjust their movements quickly, and execute precise shots and passes with confidence. By incorporating this simple but important technique into their game plan, basketball players of all levels can become more effective assets on the court!

Put this training into practice and book either a one-on-one training session with me or a group session with your closest friends, head over to the contact page. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Major Details!

3, 2, 1. Rolling. What is good? Everybody, welcome to major details, episode eight, man. I know it’s been a minute, y’all, but we’re back into it. All right. I know you guys are looking around the settings a little different. Okay. Um, as you guys probably know right? As fires going on out here, so we’re inside making it happen this way.

Okay? Um, hope everybody’s been doing good, man. I really do. I really do. Um, our focus today, okay, we’ll be focusing on our body hesitation today. Our body hesitation. Okay. A player that really does this very well. Okay. But I think he does it the best as Isaiah Thomas. Okay. Everybody may have their own preferences, who thinks who they do it the best, but I think Isaiah Thomas does this thing the best.

All righty. Okay. For our body hesitation, there’s a variety of different ways we can get into it. There’s also a variety of different ways of powder your own body hesitation. Okay. Some of us may do our body hesitation by going ahead and put a lot of our weight back into our back foot. Okay? And we go back into our back foot.

We take the, and we go back downhill. Okay? Another option that we can do, right, is that we bounce that ball, right? We go, go back. Body hesitation as well. Okay. Those are a couple of options that I think are very, very effective for us to use. Alrighty? For our first variation of our body, hesitation. Okay.

Right as we’re going to either hand the ball off to another teammate or we’re dribbling in the direction of another teammate. Right. For example. Right. I’m gonna be at the top, right. I’m as I’m my teammate education. I can go, Hey, I’m here. Okay. All righty. So I’ll give you guys that full hesitation.


that’s one of our first variations. Alrighty. Another variation for us. Okay. Another variation for us is when we’re playing off our hand. Okay. Plan off of a speed stop. Very, very effective for us. Okay? So that’s why I’m at the top of the key. Okay? Work with my defender. Alrighty, I’m getting down here. I’m getting downhill.

I little, I right back downhill for my, okay. Notice, right? Your pace is everything. Your pace is everything. We don’t want to be in the rut, right? So as I speed it out, I’m going, I’m going, I get to this drive, okay? I now want to get back up here. Maybe take a breath wide survey record a little bit. Also using my body and head.

I’m looking and then I here.

Full speed. All.

Okay. Other. Okay. Very, very effective, especially going towards our baseline side. Okay. So as I’m using my baseline side, right? Very good defendants, right? Very aggressive defendants, right? With I’m going, I’m going. They cut it off. This is an opportunity that you can use either one of those variations that we talk about, right?

I can either come back here, lean it back up off this left foot, pushing off this head down here. Four. I can drop the ball on my left hand, go back up here on my right. Get pick up on my left. Right? I’m going give you both full speed. Alrighty. Remember our pace, our body movement, and our head movement is very, very important.

This to be effective. Okay.


Coming down.

Right. Me personally, I’m a big fan of letting that ball drop, getting back and getting moving. Right. I’m a firm believer in if my feet aren’t moving, that defender’s not gonna. Last variation for you guys. Alright. Pick your role. Action. Okay, so we’ll say we’re going some middles. Got our ball screen on the maybe slide a little bit.


A little bit closer. Boom. He’s in the drop. Okay. Waiting for us to come down. Alrighty. As I come off this boom. Alrighty. He’s waiting. If my body position is this way, right in mode, he’s gonna bite going and take me and cut me off. Right. But if I properly use my case, change the speed of my body. Hesitation, right?

I can see in here, it looks like I’m gonna retrieve on the retreat. He’s gonna probably go back with the rower or the Popeyes. So as I come up, I can go right back down here. What this would do. As he sees you probably going a retreat. Okay? He’ll be here. He sees you retreating. He’ll take that one step back.

You now have four way to get downhill. Okay, full speed. This

Hey, and now white. Here y’all is major hoops detail episode eight. Body hesitation. Please add this to y’all game man. Very, very effective and I hope y’all have a great day, man. Alright, peace. Peace.


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